Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Sword Of Shannara

The book I am reading currently is The Sword of Shannara. So far it has been a pretty good book but it has been really fast and there are three more books so i don't know what they will be doing for the other three books. So far the main characters Shea and Flick started in their happy little town of shady vale and have run down to a highland town chased by skull bearers. They meet their friend Menion and he agrees to guide them through the forest . They then ran through a forest with Menion and almost got eaten by a big lake monster thing. Then Flick and Shea get separated from Menion. Shea and Flick wander down a bit and get teleported to Cullhaven, the town they were trying to get to. Meanwhile Menion wandered out into a field and almost got killed by a crazy tree. A dwarf came and killed the tree and took him back to Cullhaven.

Then they all decided to head off to Paranor to get the sword of Shannara. they go off and are spotted by gnome scouts. They have to go into a narrow pass but they think the gnomes have set up an ambush there. They start heading over there and the gnomes set the forest on fire to drive them to the pass. The gnomes destroyed a bridge over a gorge but they manage to get over. Then they are happily walking along when a giant cockroach tries to eat them. They manage to drive it off but Flick and Shea are stung and poisoned. Then all the gnomes are in the pass out of the mountain so Menion shoots one of the gnomes in the butt and they run off while the gnomes are distracted. Then they are found by some friendly gnomes who heal Shea and Flick. They then head off to the tomb Of Kings, which is the only pass that isn't guarded. They have to get past sphinxes who will turn them to stone and banshees. then as they are getting out they are attacked by another water monster thing. They kill it and are just getting out when the mountain breaks and Shea falls into the raging river. That is where I am right now.